The Table at Latona's

by Adam Sigel
Owned and operated by Joe Latona and Gregg Rodeheffer, The Table at Latona's is a charming family-friendly store located in Ridgewood, New Jersey. They have been a VIETRI account since 2006 and have earned the "Villa" VIP status as 1 out of 16 in the country. Showstopping entryways, lavish tablescapes, and dynamic color schemes are merchandising essentials for this dynamic duo. Hosting VIETRI Artisan Events is a must in a VIP store, and undeniably, The Table at Latona’s always has one on the calendar.
This fall, they hosted maestro artisan, Gianluca Fabbro, the jubilant mastermind behind several of VIETRI's collections including Artichokes, Pumpkins, Into the Woods, and Into the Jungle. Gianluca serenaded shoppers with stories of Italian traditions while demonstrating his unique sponging technique used to handpaint each piece.

Follow along on social media to keep in touch with all things Latona's:

or stop by and see them in person at
26 E. Ridgewood Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ

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