by Adam Sigel
Lewis Gifts has been a staple VIETRI account since 1987. Owned and operated by Catherine Hobbs, Lewis Gifts began as a pharmacy and has remained in the family for over 30 years. Their incredible passion and commitment to VIETRI has earned them "Villa" VIP status as 1 out of 16 in the country.

Year after year Lewis Gifts hosts a VIETRI Artisan Event and brings to life the spirit of the holiday season. Merry music, festive decor, and excellent customer service are all a part of creating a wonderful shopping experience at Lewis Gifts. As a leader in bridal registry, Lewis Gifts utilizes their social media platforms to feature and give a special callout to brides who have chosen their dream place settings and registered at the store. Significant sentiments like these show us just how much they value their customers and are taking the necessary steps to stay current and at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry.
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