Our artisans are the heart of VIETRI. Honing their craft for generations, each artisan thrives in a particular medium - sculpting, molding, painting, designing - revealing the magic in their artistry and honoring their unique narrative. You can feel the life, love, and passion in every piece.   
Since the beginning, we’ve aimed to preserve the celebration of handcrafted, heritage-inspired designs that support the history and craft of Italian artisans. Our passion for all things Italian- people, food, history, and culture- defines VIETRI. Our handcrafted designs honor Italy and are made from the very soil of its countryside. Italians value beauty, nature, art, wine, and the pleasures of living well. We celebrate all of these. For anyone who has been to Italy or dreams of going, that world of casual, sophisticated, and meaningful living, filled with warmth and depth, and family and friends celebrating life, heritage, and traditions is alive through VIETRI. The innate beauty of Italy exudes from every design, and the Italian tradition continues.
Made with love in Italy, our mission remains true. To inspire the celebration of life with family and friends through the beauty of handcrafted Italian designs. We believe in cherishing those moments that bring joy to our lives.


  • Eileen Granoff

    This was a wonderful story
    Thank you

  • Sue Karakantas

    A wonderful story, thank you! Love the designs, especially Ol St. Nick. Recently bought 4 place settings and love using them this month. I might keep using them all winter because they make me smile!

  • Kimberly Weber

    I loved reading your background story. I hope to visit Italy in the next year as well.

  • Rebecca Hoffpauir

    Just bought a piece today, simply beautiful

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