One of the guiding principles for VIETRI is the Italian phrase “siamo insieme,” and it translates to “we are together.” I try hard to instill a strong sense of community at the company, and it is my hope that every single employee feels genuinely valued and proud to be there. I’m so honored that employees say VIETRI feels like a family, and I’ve been asked over the years what I do to create that environment.

Relating to other people comes naturally to me. Since I was a child, I loved learning about others, and I often talk about how my earliest memories are of my parents’ dinner parties. It was a privilege and a thrill to be allowed to sit and listen, and I was curious about each person’s stories and experiences. As an adult, I still love listening to people, and I truly believe that I can learn something from everyone I meet. And so, even though I’ve spent forty years as VIETRI’s leader, I don’t consider myself to be any more critical to the company’s success than anyone else. We all bring important, unique qualities, and the magic happens when we work together. 

How do I live this at VIETRI? Every day that I’m in the office, I make it a point to visit the different departments. I go out into the warehouse and chat with whoever I can distract for a moment or two. I make it a point to introduce myself to every single new hire, and I call employees on the phone when I know they are experiencing a hardship or a momentous occasion. We spend a lot of our hours at work, and so I do my very best to make them fun. I start our staff meetings with a funny story or a joke, and I have been known to write rhyming poems in honor of employee and company milestones. Siamo Insieme…so let’s make being with one another an experience of learning, and appreciating. 

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