We are a team of professionals from Parma who share spaces, ideas, skills, and creativity. We deal with photography, computer languages, videos, and we tell stories of people, companies, and products. Infraordinario Studio is a creative space where passion and curiosity come together to create original and customized projects.

1. What is Infraordinario? Does the name have a symbolic meaning?

Infraordinario is the name of our studio and it comes from the title of a book we love by Georges Perec which talks about the importance of interrogating the usual, the everyday, the banal moments which, however, constitute the background noise of life.

2. How long has Infraordinario been in business?
Infraordinario Studio has existed since 2010, at the beginning there were Chiara and Sara and after a few years Giulia also joined.

3. What is your favorite type of photography?
Sara: I love photos that tell stories and are memories for me and for those around me.
Chiara: I like the reportages of the French humanists of the 50s because they photograph with irony but also with humanity and participation.
Giulia: I like portraiture and reportage, especially vintage photos.

4. What is your background? How did you become a photographer?
Sara: I studied art at school and art history at university, then I met Chiara, who photographed and one day she lent me her camera and since then we started taking pictures together.
Chiara: I have been a photographer since I was a child because I have a passionate uncle who always gave me cameras he no longer used. I was a bookseller for years then I was hired in a food advertising studio and when I met Sara I found the courage to throw myself into the freelance profession.
Giulia: I studied painting in high school and then decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts where I attended a photography course and I immediately understood that I liked taking pictures. When I met Sara and Chiara, we were united by the fact that we have the same way of looking at things and the same approach.

5. When did you realize you wanted to be a photographer?
Sara: As people asked us for photos because they loved our way of telling stories, I realized that taking photos was exactly the job I liked doing and I'm happy to do it by sharing it with my two partners.
Chiara: I understood it when I was already doing this job and I realized that time never flies as fast as when I shoot or post-produce. It's good luck to be in a job you love.
Giulia: I've understood this since I took the first pictures with my first reflex, I love how taking pictures makes me feel. It has always fascinated me so much, so I worked hard to try to make it a profession, it is a great fortune to have succeeded.

6. What do you like most about being a photographer? What do you find most challenging?
Sara: I really like being able to tell stories of people, food, and places with the camera. It's a demanding job, to which you have to dedicate a lot of care and perseverance, you have to study and stay up to date, but at the same time it allows you to grow a lot and to know so many people and places and stories.
Chiara: I really like the preparation and research phase before tackling a new project and the possibility of meeting interesting and always different people. I love the comparison with my partners and the fact that I can have a job with flexible times. Clearly, however, it is always a job and it is not always easy to find a compromise between one's creativity and the needs of the customers.
Giulia: Photography makes me feel privileged, being able to talk about anything according to our way of looking makes me feel useful. It takes a lot of care in the look and a lot of patience because you never stop growing, it's a long process and given by experience. Being with Sara and Chiara is an integral part of the process, we grow together and we constantly compare ourselves.

7. What inspires you?
Sara: everything, a place, a light, a story, a drawing, a book I've read.
Chiara: cinema, TV series, books, nature. If you look closely, inspiration is everywhere.
Giulia: the newspaper, vintage photos, art, cinema, .. everything.

8. Do you have a favorite project?
Sara: Many, all those who made me grow a little more.
Chiara: I like the set portrait. The connection that is created between the subject in its environment and the viewer.
Giulia: In general, I love portraits, telling people's stories.

9. How do you see the future of Infraordinario?
Hopefully beautiful and full of challenges and new stories to tell with camera in hand.

"Where? What happens every day and happens again every day, the banal, the daily, the obvious, the common, the ordinary, the infra-ordinary, the background noise, the habitual, how to account for it, how to question it, how to describe it? Interrogate the usual(..) How to talk about these "common things", or, rather, how to track them down, how to track them down, how to detach them from the rubble in which they are incorporated, how to give them a meaning, a language: that they speak, finally, of what it is, of what we are. Perhaps it is a question of finally founding our anthropology: the one that will speak of us, that will seek, within us, what we have stolen, for so long, from others. No longer the exotic, but the endotic. Questioning what seems so obvious that we have forgotten its origin." 

George Perec, L'infraordinario




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