Benvenuto, amici.  

VIETRI’s mission has always been to bring people together “around the table” to talk, laugh, eat, and enjoy each other’s company. To inspire us all to celebrate life and all its moments no matter how big or how small.  

There is no doubt that 2020 challenged each of us in many different but also similar ways. Being away from Italy, the heart of VIETRI, and our beloved friends, artisans, and colleagues has proven exceptionally difficult as we long for the day we are able to reunite. That being said, we at VIETRI, wanted to create an opportunity to connect with those we are missing overseas. An opportunity to share behind-the-scenes experiences with our artisans and their passion for their craft with the world. An opportunity to truly indulge, learn, create, and revel in all things Italian.  

Every week, we participated in a Happy Hour on Instagram Live (IGTV) with one or more of our artisans and explored the creativity behind various designs, the passion that goes into creating each piece, and shared stories of how relationships have evolved over the years. We toured the scenic streets of Positano, witnessed the handcrafted touch of our maestro artisans, and dreamt of summers spent under the Tuscan sun with world-renowned author, Frances Mayes. Our Happy Hour series will be one of my most cherished memories looking back on 2020. 

That being said, we are excited to announce that we have evolved our Happy Hour series to a new concept: Il Ritrovo. 

Il Ritrovo, the rendezvous. An opportunity to delight in all things Italian – culture, art, history, experiences, travels, inspirations, and the beauty of everyday life. 

"Il Ritrovo, the rendezvous. An opportunity to delight in all things Italian – culture, art, history, experiences, travels, inspirations, and the beauty of everyday life." 

In Italy, il ritrovo is the place one always returns to. The place one gathers daily, weekly, monthly for an aperitivo with friends to laugh, chat, and make memories.

Join us as we create our own ritrovo each month with special guests, close friends, and role models who inspire and encourage us to live in the moment, and especially to revel in the beauty that is Italy.

We invite you to join us monthly on VIETRI's IGTV Live for Il Ritrovo (in the Piazza) as we participate in a rendezvous with either a friend, colleague, mentor, or inspiration related to all things Italian. Guests include a Renaissance Art Historian, a world-famous chef, an Italian sommelier, early supporters and mentors of VIETRI, our beloved artisans, Frances Mayes, musicians, and many other surprises to come. We hope you will join us as we delight in the magic of Italy and continue to be inspired by its romance, culture, and history. 

Please do not hesitate to share ideas and/or concepts with us as well by contacting Brette Baumhover at We welcome you to share contacts you’d like to put us in touch with as well as make sure you are added to our email list and can stay up to date on Il Ritrovo and all things Italian. 

Con amore, 



    Can’t wait to see it!

  • Mary Stodder

    How do I sign up? I received an email with the time, but no link…

  • chris gilbert

    Please add me to your mailing list for Il Ritrovo. Grazie

  • Barbara Sallee

    This trip has been a beautiful adventure. Thanks!

  • Susan Scherr

    Would like to view or listen, but how does one know the schedule and how to register. There’s probably a time difference unless it’s posted and available after the program. I look forward to receiving more information.

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