A fifth generation artisan, Gianluca Fabbro knows craftsmanship. He lives in Friuli, a beautiful region of Italy that borders on Austria, Slovenia, and the Adriatic Sea. I came across Gianluca’s work at a market in Frankfurt, and it stopped me in my tracks. While sponging is common in ceramics, his type of sponging was like nothing I had ever seen before. The detail and vibrancy are unmatched. I am so proud that we were the first customers of his new, evolved products, and it was a joy to watch him sponge for us during this virtual happy hour. He pours talent, precision, and time into each piece, and the end result is show-stopping. I particularly love the pumpkins for a fall table and am smitten with the new Nutcrackers collection for the holidays!

IGTV Happy Hour: http://bit.ly/HappyHour_GianlucaFabbro

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