We take great care when packaging all of our handcrafted items and do everything we can to ensure that your package arrives at your home safely. If an item does arrive damaged, please notify us or the store where this was purchased immediately and keep all of the original packing materials. Please contact VIETRI Customer Service via email at or by phone at (919) 245-4180.

We will send you what you need! If an item is missing, please notify us or the store where this was purchased immediately and keep all of the original packing materials. Please contact VIETRI Customer Service via email at or by phone at (919) 245-4180.

No, your painted salad plate is a work of art. In order for your plate to be food safe, it must be glazed and fired professionally.

Many states have local ceramic studios that fire personal pieces for a small fee. We recommend researching and calling in advance to confirm.

We recommend you let your plate dry for 24 hours before taking it to your local ceramic studio.

You can use as little or as much of your paint as you’d like, however, we recommend not using all of it. Our artisans explain the adequate amount to use in our virtual painting demonstration video.

You will need a small work space and the following items from your Gift Set: Lastra Salad Plate Bisque, Lastra Holiday Mug (for inspiration), two paintbrushes, and three paints (red, green, and brown). We recommend you cover your space to protect it from any spills and to also have four small cups for paint (plastic is fine), water (for adding to the paint if needed and for rinsing your paintbrushes), and paper towels.

Your cups of paint should be 80% water and 20% paint as Lastra Holiday has a watercolor element to it. This does not mean fill your cup with either. Please watch the demonstration video to gauge how thick your paint needs to be prior to beginning.

Yes! You can watch the demonstration and hear the inspiration behind Lastra Holiday as many times as you wish.

No, crystalline is a clear glaze that will need to be put on top of your finished product by the ceramic studio before being fired in order to ensure that your item is food safe.

Your piece should be food safe once a crystalline glaze is applied and it is then fired. Your local ceramic studio will be able to help with this but please confirm with them that the crystalline glaze they are using is lead free, FDA certified, and meets Prop-65 requirements.

Generally, it should cost $10/$20 per item to have your piece fired at a ceramic studio. Prices will vary based on studio.

This will depend on the ceramic studio. We recommend confirming the time when you drop off your piece. Most places will hold it for a week or so until you are able to pick it up

Please note, we recommend that you use your item for display only. Although it is possible to be fired, each kiln has its nuances and reacts to clays differently. While ‘cone’ may vary by kiln, the temperature range should be within 1832℉ and 2012℉.

Please be sure to only use the paints we have provided as part of your DIY Gift Set. We cannot confirm how other paints will react as most acrylics and sharpies are guaranteed to burn off in the kiln. Please feel free to use your own paintbrushes if you prefer!


Enjoy painting your very own Lastra Holiday Salad Plate with the paint and paintbrushes provided. Use the finished Lastra Holiday Mug included in your gift set as your inspiration while you paint.

Once you are finished painting, let your piece dry completely (suggested wait time is 24 hours).

Take your piece to a local ceramic company to have it fired. Please note: firing temperature must be no less than 1832°F and no more than 2012°F. Note: the Salad Plate bisque is handcrafted of Italian stoneware meaning it is not certified to be fired at the same temperature as pure stoneware.

Confirm with ceramic company that they can accommodate the required firing temperature and that they will dip your painted piece in a clear crystalline glaze prior to firing. This will ensure that your plate is food safe.

Once complete, pick up your piece from the ceramic company and enjoy!