Mary Hollis Huddleston

viva by VIETRI Chroma in white and red mix beautifully with Contessa Drinkware for Mary Huddleston’s Valentine’s Day celebration at home.

Stunning florals perfectly accent the soft pastel Easter table featuring Hibiscus Glass vases and viva by VIETRI's Baroque Glass.

Rainbow Green Coupe Champagne Glass by VIETRI
Rainbow Assorted Coupe Champagne Glasses - Set of 4
viva by VIETRI
Baroque Glass Salad Plate by VIETRI
Aqua Cobalt Pistachio Pink +3
Baroque Glass Salad Plate
viva by VIETRI

A red and white theme brings a punchy and cheery touch to this al fresco table by Mary Huddleston, featuring Lastra Dinnerware and Puccinelli Drinkware.

Puccinelli Glass Classic Wine by VIETRI
Puccinelli Wine Glass