The Erbario Toscano Story 

Now one of the premiere home and personal fragrance brands in the world, Erbario Toscano (“herbs of Tuscany”) began as a dream for Guido Bertozzi over forty years ago. Guido was captivated by the incredible scents he found in Italian gardens, and he wanted to share Tuscany’s splendor with the world. He began to make and sell potpourri and dried flowers, and appreciation for his craft and sophisticated scents soon spread. Erbario Toscano quickly became known as a fragrance pioneer not just in Italy but across the world. 

Guido passed away in 2012, and his son, Egisto, took over the reins of the family business. Wanting to honor the company’s original mission of sharing Tuscany’s herbs and flowers with the world while also evolving to suit the changing landscape, Egisto broadened the company’s offerings to include home fragrances, perfumes, toiletry products, and more. Today, Erbario Toscano is synonymous with Italian heritage, impeccable ingredients, and nuanced and elegant scents that elevate and celebrate our everyday moments. 

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