October Highlight:

by Peyton Nichols
Susan Gravely speaking at Protocol.Protocol, located in Wilmington, NC, opened in 2002 and became a VIETRI partner shortly thereafter in 2005. Owner, John Jordan, has continually built the VIETRI brand in his beautiful store earning it the honor of being one of VIETRI's VIP Best. Protocol was founded on the principle of providing customers with all elements for good living, which is evident in their impressive assortment of product and diversity of brands.
Join Protocol on October 1st & 2nd as they host an innovative, COVID-conscious event with VIETRI Founder, Susan Gravely, who will be personalizing VIETRI pieces from their beautifully designed storefront. This inventive event format reveals the adaptability and customer-centric focus of John and the entire Protocol team.
Creating an extraordinary experience is always the top priority at Protocol. Partners to both their customers and to VIETRI, they constantly seek to discover beautiful products of the highest quality. VIETRI is regularly featured in their marketing efforts, through the use of social media, email campaigns, and print collateral. Their in-store merchandising is truly mesmerizing, and John’s team is always outdoing themselves with over-the-top displays in order to showcase their products in the best way possible. Make sure to visit Protocol for a unique and personal shopping experience!
Foglia Stone place setting at Protocol.

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