The clean and simple lines of Lastra were inspired by the circular wooden slab used for centuries to create the outer mold in cheesemaking throughout Italy. When fashioned together with twine, the hoop was left with a slight overlap to help maintain the shape of the cheese mold. Maestro molder Stefano Roselli incorporates the overlapping detail into the entire design, from its foot to its rim. A dark dusting on the edges of each piece suggests the ash that was used to preserve these cheeses and highlights each unique silhouette.

Made of curved wood that would be closed by a tied cord, the cheese cloth would be laid on the table with the mold over it and the batter of cheese poured inside.

 Ash would cover the top to preserve enough moisture within the batter. After weeks in a very cold area and thumped to hear if each cheese was set, the mold would be removed. Voila!

One sees on flat pieces the design of the mold by the edges dotted with an ash colored glaze. The bottom of each item shows the overlap of the strap. On vertical items, the overlapping is splendidly shown on the side of each piece. 

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