On Wednesday, my husband, Bill, and I had the pleasure of enjoying our monthly Il Ritrovo with dear friends, Elisabetta (Betta) and Francesco (Franz) Mazzei. While we would have loved to enjoy each other’s company over a glass of wine in Maremma, Italy, Betta and Franz joined us from their home in Florence overlooking the Arno. 

Betta and I rejoiced over memories of days gone by, the privilege I’ve had of becoming a part of their extended family and watching her grow from a bright-eyed, joyful bambina to a lovely, steadfast, elegant woman. We giggled over memories of her parents (the Conte and Contessa Guicciardini) and reminisced on her uncle, Fabio Puccinelli, VIETRI’s first agent and the one who helped Momma, Frances, and me kickstart our journey into the world of ceramics. Hopeless romantics, Betta and Franz amused us with snippets of their love story (including a beautiful wedding reception in Siesto Fiorentino) and shared their passion for biking and most importantly, wine!

"Although contemporary and innovative, they respect history and traditions and have an immense love for their culture and their country." 

Betta and Franz are proud and passionate members of the Mazzei Vineyards, a family-run business dating back to the 1400s, specializing in unique wines of local varieties that honor each region.

Vice President and CEO of his family’s business, Franz shared the inspiration behind a selection of his favorite wines made at their different estates throughout the country: Castello di Fonterutoli (Tuscany), Belguardo (Tuscany), and Zisola (Sicily). 

Bill and I have come to love the Concerto and Philip in particular, and encourage all wine lovers to take a moment to peruse their website (and add a wine tour to your next getaway!) to learn more about the nuances that make their wine so unique. For a limited time, we are also offering 15% off your purchase of wine on using the code VIETRI. Offer ends April 30, 2021.

Betta and Franz have always been two individuals whom I admire and adore. The love they have for one another and the life they’ve built together fills me with a sense of calm as they complement each other beautifully. Although contemporary and innovative, they respect history and traditions and have an immense love for their culture and their country. I have always loved how they welcomed me into their family and made me feel as if I had been there all along.

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  • sandi prentis

    Fabulous interview Susan.. Love that Elisabetta and Francesco enlightened us on all their many projects.. Thank you

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