Meaning “herbs of Tuscany,” Erbario Toscano is one of the premiere home fragrance and perfume brands in the world. In this virtual happy hour, I chatted with the fabulously stylish company owner, Egisto Bertozzi.

Egisto’s father, Guido, started Erbario Toscano 40 years ago, and the company began as a dried flower and potpourri business. When Egisto took over the company after his father’s passing, he wanted to honor its original mission of sharing Tuscan herbs and flowers with the world while also evolving it to suit the changing market. Now, Erbario Toscano creates hundreds of home fragrance, perfume, and toiletry products, and the scents are absolutely divine. 

Egisto and I share a favorite scent-- Salis. Inspired by the sun, salt, rocks, and freshness of the Mediterranean sea, the scent is both relaxing and energizing. Our most popular scent is Black Pepper-- it’s spicy and beautiful and a great gift for men and women alike. 

The Erbario Toscano home fragrances come in truly stunning glass bottles and are wrapped in elegant paper. I love to give these items to friends and family, and I am so glad to do so knowing Egisto is the wonderful man behind the company.

IGTV Happy Hour:

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