Whipstitch Pumpkin With Natural Placemat

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19"L, 14"W
Handcrafted in Italy
The Whipstitch Pumpkin with Natural Placemat perfectly reflects the effortless Italian synergy of simplicity with attention to detail. Trimmed in a delicate natural stitching, this piece bodes well on its own or mixed with other colors. Made of 100% linen in Italy.


This collection is woven from fine, 100% linen.


Machine Wash - Machine wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry and press with a warm iron.


A region in central Italy, Tuscany is known for its landscapes, history, craftsmanship, and influence on culture. The birthplace of the Renaissance, Tuscany is often called the art palace of Italy, and many of the world's greatest works of art come from the region. Ceramics have a long legacy in the area and maintain their place of importance in the region today.


The Artistry

These linens come to us from a third-generation, family-run company that was born in 1947 in Florence. Known for their high-quality fabrics, incredible craftsmanship, and traditional Italian inspiration, they continue to create some of the most beautiful linens in the world.

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