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Brides are moving away from the traditional, fine china that sits in a cabinet for most of the year, to casual tableware for a busier, fast-paced lifestyle that suits everyday use, but makes the perfect impression when entertaining. With over 30 dinnerware and accent tableware collections to choose from, VIETRI has something for every style!


Never overlook the beauty of basic white.  White dinnerware is simple, classic, and suitable for any occasion. From a casual backyard cookout with friends to a formal dinner, white adapts to your entertaining needs and shows off your food rather than distract from it. 

If white is not your style, choose a solid in a fun or classic color. Choosing a solid, whether it be basic cream or red, allows you to create the canvas for adding fun accent pieces, including linens and flatware, to complement your solid place setting.

Our Incanto Collection is our top selling microwave, oven and dishwasher safe bridal collection inspired by French Provencale antiques.  Incanto is about expressing your personal style, with dozens of different motifs to mix-and-match. Each motif replicates Italian Veneto history - the BAROQUE architecture, the STRIPES representing the Palladian columns of palazzos along the Brenta river, the FLOWERS of the fields, the LACE from the Burano Island of Venice, etc.  The possibilities are endless. And, with an assortment of vases, decorative centerpieces and lamps, Incanto decorates your entire home, not just your table! 
Knowing that microwave safety is crucial for a young person's purchase, and that shabby and chic was "in" and young, VIETRI Founder Susan Gravely brainstormed the design for Bellezza with Franco Ammannati and his master molder as to what this group would represent in the American market.  Soon after, Franco purchased four antique Italian plates and two pieces of fabric from a Tuscan market that gave him the inspiration for the group.  He worked with a tighter terra cotta that would withstand microwave use and used an old French kiln technique for firing the plates with a closed bottom. What arrived was truly BELLA, but in Tuscan dialect...BELLEZZA!  With its durability yet light weight, Bellezza is the perfect fit for the bridal and young market!
Red Heats Up – VIETRI’s Rosso Vecchio is the Italian color of life, love and passion! The deep red hues set a rich, luxurious table. We developed Rosso Vecchio to look rich, warm, like it has been in someone's possessions for years, so each piece has a black underglaze for added depth and texture. Immediately after washing, the underglaze and overglaze react to create a small crackling sound but after the wares are completely dried, the glaze reactions combine again and there is not a ping sound anywhere!
Rosso Vecchio


Campagna was birthed for the United States after Momma Lee Gravely took her daughters, Susan and Frances, on a wonderful Italian vacation, including a stay at the famous San Pietro in Positano in 1983. There in the dining room, every table was set with a mix-and-match spread of different border patterns and colors that melted into the pale blush tablecloths, terra cotta floors and blue skies outside! They loved the feeling and how food looked on each plate...and so a company was born. Pick your favorite animal or mix all eight! Any combination you choose will be uniquely yours and with the dozens of serving and baking pieces available it’s the perfect choice if you love to entertain.

The saffron, sage, cream and orange coloration of Affresco is typical of old mural walls and fruits are common themes from even the Etruscan era where people painted their depictions of the abundance in life and food. CAFF, a wonderful young group of ceramists, use this ground and finish in all of their work to represent the wonderful elements of archeological findings in Umbria. Affresco is for the truly sophisticated bride who loves nature and art!
Francesca Blu is named after the fifteenth century Italian painter Piero della Francesca. He was known for his wonderful forms, luxurious glazes and delicate handpainted detail, just as this dinnerware represents. Francesca Blu makes a statement of elegance with its classic forms and handpainted detail.
Francesca Blu
Traditional Italian dinnerware is still a hot trend for brides this season. VIETRI’s Umbria defines traditional elegant dining. With their brilliant, handpainted colors and graceful terra cotta forms, Umbria patters have been a favorite of VIETRI collectors for years.  These meticulous designs, painted on Umbrian majolica since the 1300’s, reflect the influence of those first sea traders to Venice from the East.  Mix-and-match the three Umbria patterns for a truly Italian inspired table. 



Individuality is the key. Brides are no longer searching for the traditional china. With more options in colors and shapes, couples now have the ability to create their own unique collection of items to fit their lifestyle.  Mix our solids with patterns, or patterns with patterns, it’s your choice and the possibilities are endless!


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