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Resin's Drops Eau De Parfum

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Drops of resin are the tears of the trees that do not abandon the tree. Instead, they remain bonded to the trunk and to help him continue growing. This melancholic fragrance reminds us of the best moments of life, of memories, akin to the drops of resin that do not vanish. This scent takes your on a long journey that begins with spicy aromas, continues with the sweet notes of berries and the warm tones of amber, and finishes with the strong and zesty character of wood reminiscent of a burning fireplace scented with resin.


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The Artistry

Our soul is reflected in nature and when it summons, she responds. This happens in Tuscany more than elsewhere, because here the geography of the territory mixes with the geography of the soul. The eyes only are not sufficient to enjoy the immensity of the Tuscan landscape. It takes heart. Just so, the echo of life that resonates far and wide inundates the senses and the breath synchronizes with that of the earth, its colours, its flavours and scents. Erbario Toscano successfully encapsulates the strength of these incessant sensory stimuli within its fragrances, giving an extension of that universe and transforming Tuscany into a region of the spirit.

Erbario Toscano is a brand known worldwide by devotees of the Tuscan style. Its products for body and hair care, perfumes and home fragrances, are witnesses of the authenticity of a region that is in touch with the everyday life of those who live elsewhere. This thanks to the ability of unique an international reality that has been able to transform every day actions into rituals of self-care and of the home. Erbario Toscano is the experience of a “lifestyle”.

Refined, in their extreme “craft” simplicity, Erbario Toscano products, suspended between art and beauty, are the ideal gift. The details that make each packaging unique are complicit in recalling the experience of a trip to Tuscany, a journey that starts over again each day thanks to the aromas, the colours and the atmosphere felt and lived by both the body and the soul, and which become part of us.