Incanto 3-Piece Hostess Set
Incanto 3-Piece Hostess Set
Incanto 3-Piece Hostess Set
Incanto 3-Piece Hostess Set

Incanto 3-Piece Hostess Set


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Incanto, a beloved classic for over 10 years, is handcrafted of terra marrone clay and finished in a beautiful white glaze complemented by a subdued charcoal hue (due to the type of clay). Each piece is handpainted by maestro artisans allowing subtle brushstrokes to complete the design.

Incanto Stone, handcrafted by the same maestro artisans, is made of a highly durable stoneware making it chip resistant, and available in a crisp white as well as aqua finish.

Both collections are handcrafted in Veneto and dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe. Although both collections come in the same series of designs (Stripe, Baroque, Ruffle, Lace, Pleated), not all pieces are currently offered in both Incanto and Incanto Stone. The distinct difference between the two is the design aspect based on the clay type. One can either choose the bright white with subtle undertones of Incanto or the crisp white and aqua of Incanto Stone. It really is up to you!

Curious about your collection? Flip your piece over. If you see black clay, it is Incanto. If you see white clay, it is Incanto Stone.


Italian for enchantment, Incanto is inspired by Italy's art, landscape, and Venetian history. A must-have set for any entertainer, the Incanto Three-Piece Hostess Set includes the Lace Small Square Baker, the Lace Small Rectangular Platter, and the Stripe Small Serving Bowl.The lace design pays homage to the famed lace of Venice’s Burano island, and the stripe design suggests the columns of the Palladian villas along the Brenta River.


  • Incanto 3-Piece Hostess Set
    7.5"-15.5"L, 7.5"-10.25"W, 2.5"-4"H
  • Incanto Lace Small Square Baker
    11"L, 9.25"W, 2.5"H
  • Incanto Lace Small Rectangular Platter
    15.5"L, 10.25"W
  • Incanto Stripe Small Serving Bowl
    7.5"D, 4"H