VIETRI Insider's Club

Insider Club

Looking for an irresistibly Italian experience? Rally your community organization or group of friends together for a morning or afternoon at VIETRI, the largest U.S. importer of fine Italian ceramics. Take a private guided tour of our showroom and corporate offices, and listen to a VIETRI ambassador recount the magical story of how a family vacation became a multi-million dollar business as you enjoy an array of Italian antipasti.

After your tour concludes, use your $25 coupon on some treasures in VIETRI's Outlet Store – and enjoy 10% off on all purchases that day only! You will also receive a coupon for 5% off all future Outlet Store purchases and for our twice-yearly warehouse sales.

There is a $25 registration fee per participant to secure your spot in the tour.

To schedule a tour, please contact VIETRI's Insider Club Coordinator, Susan Knight, at 919-245-4181.