Old St. Nick Reading Ornament by VIETRI
Old St. Nick Reading Ornament
Old St. Nick Reading Ornament
Old St. Nick Reading Ornament

Old St. Nick Reading Ornament


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Handpainted in Italy

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Complete your holiday decorations with this Old St. Nick Reading Christmas Ornament from VIETRI. 
Decorative use only

Tuscany: A region in central Italy, Tuscany is known for its landscapes, history, craftsmanship, and influence on culture. The birthplace of the Renaissance, Tuscany is often called the art palace of Italy, and many of the world's greatest works of art come from this region.

Alessandro Taddei: Alessandro was born in Empoli, Italy in 1960. He began his work in ceramics over 30 years ago, learning from local craftsmen throughout Tuscany while attending the Montelupo School for Ceramics. He has worked next to some of the best ceramic maestros in the world, learning the many secrets that are essential to mastering the art of ceramics. Throughout the years, Alessandro has had the opportunity to design for some of the best retailers and importers throughout the world, including VIETRI. He loves art, traveling, and photography, and has won a number of national awards for his paintings and photos. With ease and artistic passion, Alessandro makes the white clay surface his canvas.