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Cuoio Bianco Eau de Parfum - 100ML


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The inspiration for Cuoio Bianco, White Leather, came from an evening on the golf course in the beautiful Castelfalfi area of Tuscany. Egisto Bertozzi, the perfumer and owner of Erbario Toscano, had just experienced a resounding defeat, and he and his opponent adjourned to the golf club’s bar for a drink. Egisto’s mood lifted as soon as he entered the space-- the scent of birch trees wafted through the open windows, the late afternoon light danced across the leather armchairs, and the refreshing wine rejuvenated his spirits. Cuoio Bianco captures the green of the golf course, the birch of the surrounding trees, and the zest of wine for a fragrance that both calms and exhilarates.