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Bellezza Spring Egg Tray w/ Bunny

Bellezza Spring Egg Tray w/ Bunny

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Serve your deviled eggs with springy panache in our Bellezza Spring Egg Tray with Bunny. The handcrafted bunny is separate from the tray and can be enjoyed elsewhere if you wish to use the tray's center for another appetizer or garnish.
14"L, 9.5"W, 4"H
$ 128.00
  • Care

    Dishwasher Safe- We recommend using a non-citrus, non-abrasive detergent on the air dry cycle and not overloading the dishwasher. Hand washing is recommended for oversized items.
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    Terra Bianca Earthenware - VIETRI uses natural earthenware clay that is indigenous to Italy. It is the most durable earthenware of the highest quality on the market today, using the best glazes and firing at the highest temperatures. With earthenware clay, we are able to get the variations in color and glaze, for which VIETRI is famous, that bring warmth and uniqueness to our products.
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    Veneto is situated in the northeastern corner of Italy. Home to Venice, rivers, lagoons, mountains, hills, and plains, the area is diverse and robust in history. Its close proximity to other countries and cultures has made it a unique region in Italy, and its ceramic production is distinctive and irreplaceable.
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The Artistry

A mother and her two daughters took a trip to Italy, and their enchantment with Italian dinnerware lead to the creation of VIETRI. A leader in design and craftsmanship, VIETRI complements the American lifestyle and celebrates all that is irresistibly Italian: a love of life, people, nature, and good living.